6 thoughts on “10-04-97”

  1. This is the day my husband and I met. I’m glad that Jamie was living with love at the same time that our love was just starting to grow.

  2. This day I was born 😊 I think the photo shows a celebration. My family also celebrates this day because of me. I saw this site on facebook and I really have the urge to check it out ‘coz I also love taking pictures ❤ hands up for Mr. Jamie Livingston 🙌 for capturing and appreciating life that the Lord had made through photography.

    – Sheenary T. from Philippines 💙

  3. This picture was taken exactly two years before I was born! But the amount of love felt for this amazing artist, in this moving photograph, is recogniseable today- through the beautiful gestures from both the figure to his right, as well as the watchful figure in the background. The whole collection of photographs in itself is moving, iconic and inspiring, and I am so happy that there were moments of respite during the more difficult parts of his life.


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