2 thoughts on “10-07-95”

  1. On this day in my story…
    I was 18 and I had left Colorado to visit family in the DC area. I was driving my little VW convertible car with a friend and got lost on New York Avenue in DC trying to get back to my Aunt’s house.

    A Ford Taurus station wagon pulled up to my left side and for every block and we both hit every red light together. The front seat passenger rolled down his window and yelled how “Hey Baby!” (Yuck! I thought) But after the 5th or 6th block, they rolled down the window again to ask for directions. I laughed and said we were lost too. We all decided to pull into a parking lot of a storage facility and see if we could make sense of the directions given to the other.

    The driver got out of his car and walked around to be between his passenger side and my driver side. He bent down, tied his shoe lace and looked at me eye to eye and said “Hi, I am Alex”. BOOM! I was hit with passion. I 18, he almost 21. He was not my typical “type” in any way…but for some reason I knew this was the one.

    It struck me as very odd because I had just broken up with a long term boyfriend because he wanted to get married and have kids right away and I felt too young to be in such a commitment. But somehow this 21 year old Bolivian man took my breath away and all the thoughts of being too young flew past me.

    He was visiting from Bolivia with some of his family who lived in the DC area and was with some friends and they too were lost. We decided to go to a Denny’s and have coffee and we talked all night long. 21 years later, we are still together. We have 4 beautiful children and we have grown so much together. Best friends, lovers, partners in business, partners in love, partners in life, partners in parenting, etc. <3


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