9 thoughts on “10-07-97”

  1. Is it possible, that despite circumstances, and the gravity of his medical situation; somehow, someway the glimmer of HOPE shimmers in their eyes? Only LOVE can accomplish these feats. She looked so in love with you, Jamie. You two may not have had a lifetime of love….but I can see that you had the love of a LIFETIME!

  2. This is the day before my 40th birthday. That’s my friend, Linda. What a beautiful study of the bonds we forge.

  3. The day we cheated in life. We worked hard for months just for this day to happen… I never thought it would happen smoothly and I eventually thought it did. We rode the clouds and braved the streets. We sang to the moon and danced with the stars. This was my best memory and I hope it would be one of hers (if not, maybe just a part of her good memory).

  4. My birthday 🙂

    I was very touched with your story, Jamie! Btw, I’m so glad you were married the day I was born. 💓


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