5 thoughts on “10-08-96”

  1. I wanted to see what other people were doing the day i was born and i love it. Love this proyect, its amazing, thank you for sharing this moment

  2. this is the day i turned 20. i was in the army and i got taht day free for my self. had lunch wiht my parents and they got me a cd as a present. it was a compilation from obscure and hard to find songs. i felt very hopeful that day.

  3. My first child, Hannah, was born. One of the happiest days of my life. Still constantly amazed at the beautiful young woman she’s become.

  4. I was born on this day.. In another part of the world..
    Wish I could see more of what was happening around at that time…
    Wish I could experience that beautiful day once again..


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