4 thoughts on “10-11-85”

    1. I think you got that wrong, or maybe they were moved around since you viewed them, but 10/11 and 10/12 are the same photo now.

  1. Why is this picture identical to the next one? Is it how it was intended? Are they two different photos in fact, recreated meticulously? (Would that even be possible, with Polaroid?) Is that the only case of missing/misplaced/mysteriously repeating pictures?
    And why does my birthday have to look like this? A weird photograph, not something bright and fun and easily classy I could have shared online to enjoy a small surge of attention. Polaroids are trendy now, but dark and odd pictures like this are among the reasons behind the bulky momentary camera’s decline. Once you make it you cannot unmake it; once you take it you cannot give it back. Polaroids are eternal. Polaroids are ephemeral. If you cut a Polaroid photograph it leaks and smudges. Its mystical chemical integrity breached, it is destroyed.
    A strange man. A question mark. A mirror, a kitchen – seems to sum up my life attitude. And pajama pants exactly like those I’m wearing right now as I’m writing this, a story of a picture that may or may not have been made on my birthday. Even here, on the picture project I accidentally stumbled upon and likely will forget about in a day or two, I cannot be free of doubts.


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