8 thoughts on “10-14-97”

  1. This is a sweet picture; I kind of feel like the back story behind it is, that perhaps he hasn’t eaten in days. His friends and family look soooo happy that he is even trying! It looks to be a comfort food….maybe mac n cheese. Jamie, God Bless you ALWAYS; no more PAIN, and no more TEARS for YOU. YOU ARE HOME!!

  2. Amazing how a picture can speak a thousand words! This is the date of my 22nd birthday and myself being the age he was when he passed away makes me think how short life is. Beautiful look into the past of a stolen moment of another’s life. Makes me appreciate every we have a little more and hold my kids a little longer. Thank you for sharing his life.

  3. This is the day I had my first child. A boy and I named him Colt. Thanks for sharing..


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