One thought on “10-16-95”

  1. I was born on this day. I am a college student studying graphic design and art in Alabama. My now boyfriend is on the computer and I am laying on his bed listening to his family chatting below and trying to find something to occupy my time. I came across this website through an artist friend sharing it on facebook. So, I came to enjoy and wonder. It’s such a magical thing to read other peoples stories and see that Jamie’s photos can bring a sense of connection to strangers. I have no idea if Jamie ever had that in mind, bringing others together, but as an artist myself I find that one of the most beautiful things is creating a space of connection even if the intention was the contrary. All these Polaroids give me the feeling of the fragility of life. A beautiful, painful, and fleeting existence finding meaning in the day to day. They remind me of “polaroid moments” that I reflect on in my own life. The ones that come and go; the ones that inspire me to paint, sketch, and create. Here’s to all the new connections in 2017.


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