2 thoughts on “10-16-97”

  1. I was born on this day. It makes me sad how the photos he took, he looked great in the beginning, but later on he looks so sick. It makes me really sad.

  2. I share my birthday with my uncle… Sadly he committed suicide, looking at these photos makes you realise just how lucky you are even if it’s waking up in the morning or seeing your children take their first steps… We should never take things for granted because when we do it makes us careless and there are people in this world worst of than you! Make everyday count every minute, every second of the day, my uncle felt like he didn’t have a way out but maybe if we were nicer to people and had more respect for the human race then maybe just maybe he would still be here with me today! People say God takes the good but leaves the bad to suffer but in reality God is taking away someone’s brother/sister, uncle/auntie, Nan/mum, grandad/dad… Family is everything so don’t take them for granted love and respect your parents because you only get one mum and dad! I lost my mum at the age of 9 and I’ve see how people talk and treat their mum! I would give anything just to hear her voice or just to give her hug or for her to hug me and tell me everything’s gunna be okaay! Please respect your parents!


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