4 thoughts on “10-19-96”

  1. This was the day I married my beautiful wife. One year to the day after our first date. We were so young. Her, 19, me just barely 21. It was sunny and warm in Monroe, Washington. We went to the mall together. I bought her a snowboard. We got lost and showed up late. Being late is our thing now.
    We just celebrated 20 years together as husband and wife. I took her back to the exact spot we were married in October. The place is being torn down to build condos. The trees were overgrown, homeless people camp there. We wandered through the trees and found the stone steps near the waterfall where we stood twenty years before. I gave her a Fire Opal ring and asked her to stay with me for another 20 years. Then I climbed the empty waterfall to tear down a swastika sign so we could take a picture.


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