4 thoughts on “10-21-97”

  1. I know this face of heartbreak. Thank you for sharing these photos – it is a poignant tribute to a friend, son and husband not forgotten. You honor him, which is fitting. I lost my husband recently to cancer when he was just 50 years old. I hope his beautiful and courageous widow has gone on to find joy again. I know with all certainty that she has not forgotten Jamie, whatever her circumstances. We carry them with us. Thank you, Jamie Livingston.

  2. This date was my 17th Birthday…..it gives me pain to think about the fact that not even 5 days later the photographer Jamie Livingston passed away……I’m grateful that he took up this project and memories from theses pics flood in and leave me with emotions I haven’t felt in years…….Thank You Jamie Livingston for taking these Polaroids and Thank You Hugh Crawford for sharing Jamie’s Work and Memories

  3. I went through his pictures and it told such a moving story. My father who is 50 was diagnosed with brain cancer 6 years ago. Just this week he has stopped treatment and was given 6montj progonosis. Reading his story and seeing his pictures have been incredibly moving for me as I am dealing with losing my father. Thank you


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