6 thoughts on “11-02-96”

  1. This is the day we were married. Aside from the birth of our children, this was the happiest day of my life.

  2. This was the day I was born 💜. I was 2 weeks late! I love my birthdate because it’s the day after Halloween and all of the candy is 50% off 😂. Also because Thanksgiving isn’t too far away, and then Christmas 😍, then New Years 💜.
    Who could be mad about when their birthday is with that kind of date? Freaking awesome! Christmas, thanksgiving, and Halloween are my FAVORITE holidays 💜.
    Anyways thank you for sharing all of these photos!
    ~Briana B.

  3. My girlfriend (now amazing wife) threw me a surprise 30th bday party and gave me a black lab puppy who became the greatest dog I ever had…great photos. RIP Jamie…and Maggie.


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