3 thoughts on “11-13-86”

  1. This is the day I was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon USA. At 7:15 am. My name is Zenna. In this photo its sunny and bright and a sences of child joy and silliness is expressed with the balloons. A complete. Contrast to where I was born. It was very cold and snow everywhere. I love knowing on the day I was born there was such brightness and joy!

  2. On this day, I was born in the Philippines at around 11:45 PM. My parents said there was a typhoon during that time and my grandparents on my mother’s side often told me how they were so scared for my life because my umbilical cord was wrapped around me when I was born and I was very blue already.

    This is a beautiful picture because it’s colorful and full of hope. I love it.


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