6 thoughts on “11-29-88”

  1. On thay day I was born in Honduras. My mother was 18 years old. She says she did not cry to show her mother-in-law how strong she was because she kept calling my mom weak. To this day, my mother is the strongest person i know.

    1. I was also born this date. In Norway. Mye mother was 31. After I became a mother my self i’ve realized how strong she and all other mothers are.

  2. I was also born this day in U.S., Calif. Almost died when my heart stopped and stayed in the hospital for over a month. I just turned 28 2016. Awesome

  3. I was born on my fathers 31st birthday on this day. He still says I was the best but most expensive gift he’s ever received.

  4. I was born on this day in Reading, England. I now live in Ireland and have 2 children of my own❤️ This is a lovely project for us all to enjoy

  5. I was born this day in India, my mom told me that I developed septic, and somehow I managed to beat it. I’m an engineer. I’m going to be married next year (2018). I’m the only child. I fought depression and won. I know it’s late but I will apply for a PhD in astrophysics and will work to leave something good for the next-generation.


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