3 thoughts on “11-29-90”

  1. I was born at 11:35am on this day. I hate clowns, often feel melancholy and/or silly (sometimes both at the same time) as Jamie looks in this photo, prefer matches to lighters, and also take several prescriptions. Odd.

  2. I was born at 08:28 am at this day. I have a good career, make decent money, have a girl that loves me wholeheartedly and still manage to be unhappy a lot of times. I think that I think to much to enjoy myself. But if it gets to me and I have 15 hours of spare time I just play another round of Chrono Trigger on my old SNES and it gets better. It always does.

    And I hate clowns too… srsly, who doesn’t?

  3. I was also born on this day, 7:30 PM. How fascinating it is to find this photo of Jamie and his medications, now that I’m a (young) doctor. Rest in peace, Jamie! Beautiful, raw photos.


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