4 thoughts on “11-30-96”

  1. I love this! The day my daughter was born. She, even today twenty years later, has a fear of clowns so it’s hilarious that he included a clown on her birthday.

    1. My little sister was also born on this day and she also has a fear of clowns. I also laughed a lot when I clicked on it and it’s a picture of a clown lol

  2. I turned one years old when this was taken. Sadly I do not like clowns very much either. I can tolerate them but if one is holding a knife or other sharp object and looks at me funny then i’m out. Forget it.

  3. This is a scary photo. My second child was born on this day. He does not like clowns. Not at all. I started having contractions on Thanksgiving and asked my mother in law to babysit our first child while I was in labor. I had contractions all day Friday November 29th and finally had my baby on November 30. So strange to contemplate that this photo was taken the same day that my child was born…


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