3 thoughts on “12-02-80”

  1. To me, my birthday has always been a brief tale, rarely ever told. A meager handful of words, from either parent, vaguely describing their hazy memories of the day the world began for me. In all honesty, if I were not living proof that it had to have occurred, it would seem to be nothing more than an uneventful, short piece of fiction. One who’s plot was full of holes, and was in no way compelling.
    This picture, though almost completely unrelated to me, helps make that day a true story. No matter the perspective is so far removed from my life. It is photographic evidence that December 2nd, 1980, really did happen.
    Thank you, to the man who took the polaroid of which I speak, and so many others that are just as intriguing and meaningful. I am saddened knowing that it is impossible to tell him so, in person. To the creator of this website, and anyone else who helped you make it, thank you, as well. Not only do you ensure that the memory of your friend continues indefinitely, you also allow it to touch the lives of countless others.


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