2 thoughts on “12-03-83”

  1. This was the day I was born. This picture and the entire collection are truly amazing. To be able and go back to something and see something real, before Facebook or mainstream media, just a simple moment in time through someone else’s eyes is humbling. You can get those goofy books about the year of your birth that shows ads and current events at the time or the price of milk. But this has meaning, it is simple, it is just real, and it’s a day in the year. I would print this and hang it on my wall just because, to look at it and think about how simple life can be and how it’s full of so many moments that we miss most of it.

  2. Raw and exactly what the soul needs, inspiration! What a beautiful and intelligent way to live and love. This is my birthday and I immensely appreciate the photograph. May he continue to live on.


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