2 thoughts on “12-15-92”

  1. This is the day I stopped drinking and using in Los Angeles and I have stayed that was since. I got really emotional when I saw the picture because it reminded me how I was so close to Christmas and how far away from my family and friends in Canada I was, and this lady in the picture is doing cards just like I did that year. But I was detoxing and a bit of a mess and didn’t send the cards until July. I actually found them all stamped and ready to mail and just dropped them in the mail. I had no idea what people would think. And let me tell you-people think. Lol This pic made me remember that. What a hard time it was then and here almost 25 years later I see the impact of that day. I got to live well. And I think of this man taking Polaroids and making a statement and collection of his experience. I am inspired to make my collection. It makes me emotional and grateful to be here. Thank you. The biggest realisation about this date for me later was that it turned out to be my mothers birthday who I had been taken away from in 1985. I have always thought that there was some divine intervention to save my life. Always remember to believe what you see and learn the lesson the first time. You have less scars that way. So happy to be here.
    Lisa-Marie Mack

  2. This is my birthday. I was born this very day. Today I’m 24 years old and I Iive in Charleston, SC with my girlfriend. Seeing this photo is amazing. It’s nice to remember life goes on, no matter the point in time. To this young woman it was just another day, but to me it was my very first.


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