6 thoughts on “12-23-86”

  1. My special other was born this day.
    And we love sitting by the table after food and talking and watching tv..
    It is a lovely moment…

  2. I was born on this day. To be in a incubator for a month in a half. To be a motherless child. Only to see her face at 16 December 23. To then see her again at 18. Learning how to be a child,teen & adult from a father’s view. Calling my grandmother; MA. Being a happy child, not having much but feeling like I did. Becoming a teen and learning what it’s like in this cruel world. Learning that my mother is another drug user; who hides it well. Becoming and adult who moved out at 18 and learned so much. And today 10/26/17 I am 30. I went from struggling, abusive relationships, working hard, wishing harder to being content and knowing what to do. I am not perfect, nobody is. I am not rich, I’m not great at anything or have a career. But I am free, humble, and great full. I get thru my days day by day. Working & working on myself. But let me tell you about my life; let’s go backwards. I lost the one person who was my mother figure on 1/21/16, 2/7/16 I lost my other grandmother; 2/7 was my other grandmother’s (ma) birthday. At 15 I discovered that my father had Aids, I put my head down on the table as if I was sleeping but I froze. I also had a stepmother who I looked up to but was to afraid to call mom, she also had Aids. Let’s go back further. Growing up in was daddy’s girl, so happy and adventures. Loved by many taken cared of by many. Going to carnivals, beaches, camping, trips, playing outside, and being with my favorite cousin. At 12 my step mom came along with her 2 daughters. I didn’t know how to accept it but learned how to deal with it. Learned to love her then grew hate towards her years later. I only got along qith one daughter the youngest. My dad and stepmother went to church, ofor course we all had to go. Again I learned to love but this time I didn’t hate it. I enjoyed it. But when I left I left everything behind. Started doing things I wasn’tsupposed to be doing. I got thru my like and now I’m here. And that’s my short story. aracelisarii86@gmail.com


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