8 thoughts on “12-25-86”

  1. I was 15. I remember this Christmas because I had snuck a peek at my gifts and I was disappointed that I only got a shirt after my Mom had talked so much about how I was just going to looove my gift. It was silky and had pastel colors in an ombré pattern and there were white hearts on it. It was meant to look as if hearts had been spray painted or watercolor painted around them. I simultaneously loved and hated that shirt because I did like it but one shirt for Christmas? Blah.

    1. The day i wss born my poor mum had me at quarter to 6 in the morning. Thanks for sharing x

  2. The day I was born.. my mom got me early that morning and I was due on that day fun to see what picture he had taken on that day

  3. I was 10 and this Christmas I got a Nintendo with Robbie the Robot! I was so excited. With her being a single mother I honestly didn’t expect much from my mom for christmas. My brother was 18 and saved some paper route money to help buy it. It was a great Christmas. I spent more time with my brother the few months following than I had in a very long time.. or since…


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