3 thoughts on “12-29-96”

  1. On this day my sixteen year old father was shot in the head. He was at a party at a friends house too inebriated to understand. Jokingly he dared his friend to shoot him with a 22. Somehow said friend decided to take up this dare. The whole party ran out as the cops came including my dad. He was caught jumping a fence when the police officer discover he was the one to be shot. Although I wasn’t born yet I hear of the story from many people all the time. Whether from my aunts and uncles who recount being scared for my dads life. Or from my mom who came from the youth group and was only allowed in because my Nana saw a girl in an expensive white fur coat to be acceptable to see her broken son. My Nana was so scared to let anyone in that was apart of that “hood rat” crowd but when she saw my mom coming from the church in that fur coat it was suddenly okay. Every time my aunt tells me of the day she saw him when he awoke from brain surgery I want to cry. Even in my father’s drugged up state he knew her. “Who am I,” she said. With his eyes slowly opening he replied, “My sister.” This day is forever with me even if I wasn’t even a thought back then.To this day every time I look at the huge scar on my dads face I think of that bullet stuck in his brain and how much better he has done for me and my family. Not only is it a cool story but it is something that I have learned from and will continue to.

  2. I was actually born on December 29, 1998 at 4:46 PM in Detroit, MI. Although he died about a year before I was born, it’s interesting to see what life was like before I was born,


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