5 thoughts on “12-31-80”

  1. This was the day I was born. It looks like they were having a fun NYE out celebrating while my mom was in labor. It’s weird to see a glimpse of somebody else’s life at the exact moment yours started.

  2. My birthday too! I always said I am never lonely on my birthday because everyone is celebrating with me. I am glad they were too! This is really cool! Thank you for putting it out there.

  3. Just finished this year. Definitely more abstract than the last, & focused on more objects, shapes, light than ’79. Still a year filled with people. I’m wondering if he has a daily routine or not, and if not, how he managed that. Also curious about who the reoccurring old man is- father? Grandfather?

    Anyway I’m feeling inspired to start my own photo of the day. What’s the modern version of that- instagram? I’ll probably make a private one. Seems like this project was something personal, for himself. Think mine would be, too.


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