to the Jamie Livingston: Some Photos of That Day website.

The most important news it that the stories about the photographs are amazing.  Click on the STORIES ABOUT THOSE DAYS link to the left to read them.

There is news in the works about some prints and books in the future. I should have that and some other changes to the site in a day or so.

Things are running much more smoothly now. I have streamlined the site to handle the current load of 9 million pictures viewed a day ( according to google) I find it hard to believe  myself but if a person goes through the entire collection they can look at more than 13,000 images, so it would only take 700 visitors looking at everything from end to end.  We are getting about 4000 visitors a day down from 10,000 a day a few days ago which is what broke the site.

If you would like to help defray the cost of keeping this online and use paypal you can click here to send me something.

Links to other versions including the old site and views of how the collection looked at the Bard College show can be seen on the hughcrawford.com page. I’ll be adding some  of the deleted material back in the next day or two plus some new material so come back soon, I’m pretty sure you won’t break anything.