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News about the Big Book:

I am printing a book of the photographs! It is going to be a hardbound 10″ x  12″ book of approximately 752 pages.  As I said, it’s a big book, about 2.5 inches thick. The photographs that are missing or badly reproduced on the site will be fixed in the book. There are about 20 photographs that are known to be missing due to a hard disk crash 10 years ago and quite a few that I am not too happy about for technical reasons. Also the quality of digital photography has increased a lot since 2002 when the Canon 1Ds I used was made. To address all these issues I am going to photograph the entire collection at a much higher quality.

I am launching a kickstarter campaign with all the usual bells and whistles in the next few days and will link to it here as soon as I can.

If I am reasonably lucky, the book should be published in time for the 20th anniversary of this project this October.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me about the book plans.

This version of the site seems to be occasionally slow due to heavy traffic overloading the server where the pictures live, but if it is, the old version at
works just fine. Just remember to come back here to leave a comment or story about a particular day’s picture.

Links to other versions including the old site and views of how the collection looked at the Bard College show can be seen on the hughcrawford.com page.

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Interested in the book project? Let me know so I can let you know.