4 thoughts on “01-11-93”

  1. I see memories, nostalgia, love and nonsense. The mug on the tables and blanket on their lap is as symbolic of comfort as it is literal. I imagine the mug has warm coffee or tea inside. The pen and paper are tools for expression as is the Polaroid that embraces all these elements. On this day, perhaps some many mile away, I was born. I began my journey in this world sharing this particular moment of time. How blessed we are to be human.

  2. On this day, only two hours after Halloween ended, under a full moon, I was born. Today, I found this site thanks to a video on FB and I’m so glad I did. I’m grateful his friends put these up.

  3. This day was my birthday. I’m happy I found this website in facebook. Glad it is still up for anyone who wishes to visit and check on other pictures. I’m a frustrated photographer and you just gave me an idea to do something like this. Thanks a lot. Live on. 💓

  4. I was brought into the world on this day by a couple as in love as these people in the photo. I was born to a musically – talented father who plays the piano. Growing up we had one just like the one in the background, and I remember tinkering around on it as a child. My dad still plays every evening.


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