4 thoughts on “01-25-86”

  1. On this day my life is profoundly changed. I broke my neck in the sledding accident. I actually died that day for 30 minutes. I was told I would forever live on a respirator, I was off the respirator in a month. Even though I was left a quadriplegic I still live life to its fullest, since the accident I’ve gone bungee jumping, skydiving, hot air ballooning, hang gliding, skiing. Traveled most of the United States, the Bahamas, some of Mexico and Canada And I just love photography. Thanks for sharing the site and the love of life. God bless

  2. My daughter was born on this day. I was single, alone and terrified, but i have never regretted my decision to have her or keep her.

  3. I was born on this day too! I sometimes wonder what life was like back then, how it was for my parents, what the world was like.


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