5 thoughts on “01-28-89”

  1. Every once in a while I look scan the internet in the search of this blog…I always end up finding it, and when I do find it, it helps me realize how ephemeral life is.
    It is such a strange feeling to be able to look at someone’s life and scan through it – see his happy moments, he his sad moments, he him when he was full of life and finally draining from life.
    I am amazed, and the familiarity this blog evokes. Although young today, I know the only certainty I have about the future in life, is death – all the things in between it is up to me to decide how my story will go. Thank you Jamie for this, for you, for your artistry. Your work touches me more than any Picasso or Michelangelo in the world.

    With youth and life,

    PS: I was born on January 28th 1989, look like you had a fun day that day!


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