7 thoughts on “02-12-87”

  1. My birthday. I’ve never seen Casablanca but I think I will now in honor of Jamie Livingston. I’m a nurse in a step down ICU. I recently saw a Facebook video about this website and the photographer behind it. The end of his life is what I experience with different patients all the time. It’s amazing to see it from such an intriguing and enlightening perspective. He was a patient but he had so many stories about each and everyday of his life even if they were small things. Everyone should learn to appreciate the small things in life. I know I need to. My 20 month old is already growing so fast…I should take a photo a day of him. I think I will

  2. My birthday 🙂 crazy to think I was being born while someone was watching one of my favorite movies.

  3. Also my birthday. 💕

    What a wonderful gift he gave the world. Its incredible to go back and see life through his eyes. What a commitment.


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