One thought on “03-22-84”

  1. I was born on this date, at 5am in Finland. My parents were kinda old-fashioned, which meant that men weren’t present when their children were born. Mom took a cab alone and rode it for over an hour to the nearest hospital (we lived far in the forest). I was in a hurry to get into this world and was almost born in the taxi. I have been in a hurry ever since, moving around, working loads of different jobs. It’s been hard. Sometimes I can’t wait to die because it’s so hard, but I have accepted that I can’t choose my time to go. You just gotta keep on moving, filling your time with people and stuff. I’m far from the forest, far from my family now. Gotta keep on moving.

    It must have been the evening in Finland, when Jamie took this photo of people stretching. I wonder if they are preparing for a show or just exercising. It’s Circus, I guess. The life is a fucking Circus in itself, isn’t it.


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