2 thoughts on “03-29-93”

  1. My story is this.Wile being the insomniac that I am.I was watching this short documentary on Mental Floss in the middle of the night. It was about the Polaroid pictures of Jamie Livingston. When I just happened to see my spiritual mother…. who many call VooDoo Priestess Miriam . She lives in New Orleans. Her real Name is Mary Robin. I then wrote her shortly after seeing the photo of who I knew was her. This was our conversation

    Celeste Kraus : Priestess is this a photo of you in this story at time line 2:52 ? If not it looks a lot like you ! What a beautiful story.

    Mary Robin Williams :Celeste Kraus, What A surprise that take me back to early ninety before Oswan pass (92 or 93) on the bacolny of our first apartment, what A treat. How can we save it. It is also my wedding dress I got marriage to Oswan in. I a so grateful you were there at the right moment. Please let me know how we can frame it. Love, Love, Love is always right there with the perfect heart. Thank You!

    It gave me great joy to bring back this memory for her ! I’m glad Jamie Preserved that one minute in time forever! Thank every one involved from my heart and soul Celeste


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