3 thoughts on “03-31-85”

  1. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing his photos and his life with all of us. This is the day I was born, 31 years ago. I was hoping that this photo would capture a piece of my spirit and I’m happy to report that it didn’t disappoint. One of the most important things to me in this world is to travel and see all the beauty that exists. This photo captures just that. Sending love from Lauren in Lafayette, IN.

  2. It’s a strange thing, to be connected by a person you have never met, and won’t. This is my birthday, and it nearly made me cry, as I have always had an affinity for cartography and travel. My entire life, in fact, surrounds my desire for explanation if new places and people. This particular globe looks like the one my father had growing up, so I love this photo even more. Thank you for sharing. Love, from Pensacola, Florida.


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