One thought on “06-06-94”

  1. I saw a video about this website and was curious as to the picture he took on the day I was born. Upon seeing it, I really was unsure of how to feel about it. But after staring at it for a few long moments, I’ve figured out that it makes me happy. It’s the color yellow. I am not sure what his meaning for it was, but as art is interpreted individually, my take on it is a happy one. Yellow is the color of sunshine, of sunflowers, of smiley faces and rubber duckies. There are shades to it, not sure if those are just from the age of the photograph itself or if it was intentional, but darker shades of yellow are often interpreted as something negative and lighter yellows are positive… I see how the dark fades into much more lighter yellow. To me, it’s a transition from the bad to the good.
    I wish Jamie were alive today. I would thank him for this little bit of inspiration he has given me.


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