4 thoughts on “06-08-96”

  1. I am overwhelmed. For months I have scrolled through these pictures. I’ve seen from Jamie’s eyes a world that existed before me and I’ve seen a world that exists after him. I’ve seen his friends, family, and life; I feel intimately close to this man I will never meet. I’ve seen buildings that still stand today and some that are gone, just as people are whisked away each moment. I’ve seen the mundane life of his people as clearly as if I had read it from the pages of a book in the largest detail. Being so close to something I will never experience myself feels heart wrenching and bitter yet amazing and gratifying all at the same time. On this, the day I was born, I can see a family I will never meet nor know the names of. This knowledge makes me feel both insignificant and infinite. So many things Jamie experienced somehow feel so significantly entwined with my unrelated life that my mind aches. This amazing man has managed to touch the soul of America. If I’ve seen anything from these photos it’s that he lived the American dream exceptionally well. His free-seeming spirit lives in all of us. There’s no doubt in my mind, Jamie lived a life he was proud of. He lived a life we should all be proud of, because he was authentically himself. Thank you for allowing me to view the world through his eyes.


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