4 thoughts on “06-13-80”

  1. This was my 13th birthday. Friday the 13th with my 13th birthday. I got a Malibu Barbie which I played with underneath the pool table. I was so happy I didn’t die that day.

  2. When my mother was told she was pregnant with me she was already close to being 4 months along and had been taking birth control throughout those months not knowing that she was with child. Doctors strongly advised my mother to have an abortion as I would be born with mental defects and some other deformities. She refused but after her 5th or 6th month of pregnancy she knew something was wrong as she had not felt me move at all and by that time she knew she had to already have felt me move as she had my brother and his pregnancy went well and she could feel him moving by then so she went to the hospital for a check up. Bad news as the doctors told my mother that there was no heart beat and I was gone and therefor they had to perform a c- section to take me out as I was no longer alive. My mother would not give up hope and even though she told me that she lied to the doctors and kept telling them that she could feel me moving when she did not, my mother said that as soon as the doctors turned away to prepare their utensils for the C-section prep she started to push me out without them knowing and I popped out. My mother said I was purple as can be and I sure was not breathing but as soon as the doctors grabbed me they performed CPR and after a struggle she said a miracle happened and I started to cry, I was born pre-mature weighing only 3 pounds. My mother in those days lived a somewhat poor life and stated had no money for a crib so she would place me in a shoe box to sleep at night so I would not fall off the bed as I was so fragile. I am so blessed GOD had me in his arms that day I was born because he gave my mother the strength to believe and have faith in him that I was alive and not to listen to the doctors but to have faith as GOD is with us all. I am very blessed to be alive as I would not be here if my mother had believed in those doctors when they first told her to have the abortion. GOD is our strength all you need is faith.


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