5 thoughts on “08-03-93”

  1. This is the day my eldest son was born at St. Vincent’s hospital in the West Village. That summer had been brutally hot. I was a 20 year old single mother with no money, education, or prospects. It’s 23 years later and we both made it. I’m a nurse and he is a wonderful man.

  2. That’s awesome Poppy! I was 33 years old & 7 mos.pregnant with my 2nd child the summer of ’93, my baby boy was 17 mos. old at the time in hot Texas! I didn’t know that I was having a girl at this time because I always let nature takes it’s place and never found out before hand what sex my child would be, you’re not supposed to know!

  3. I too was having a baby on this day! My oldest son! One of the best days of my life! Had many joys & heartaches along the way but such memories!


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