4 thoughts on “08-05-88”

  1. This is the day I was born. I really enjoy every year getting the phone call from my grandpa about this day. He is a farmer and keeps to himself, rarely shows any emotion but this story I hear every year makes me incredibly happy because still hear how proud he is.

  2. My Elizabeth was born on this day. She sat on my sciatic nerve the whole last trimester. I was so miserable..but more, I was worried that something was wrong with my baby because no one told me what it was til AFTER she was born.
    I was active duty Army, and at that time, new moms only got 30 days recovery time from childbirth. Even tho she was born with a broken shoulder she was laughing at 1 week and sleeping thru the night at 2 weeks. For a military Mom that was heaven! a real answer to prayer.


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