2 thoughts on “08-18-83”

  1. This is the day I was born. My father had said that he would not go to the hospital until the Olympics are over, so I waited. I was a week late and when they were putting out the flame on tv, mom was putting on her shoes. Her legs were swollen and she had to stomp her foot really hard to get the second shoe on.. her water broke just then. I have always had a a sense of dramatics in my entries 😉

  2. This is also the day I was born. I live in Ontario, but it was an unusually hot summer, and my Mother would spend the days leading up to my birth sitting in my 18 month old brothers kiddie pool to cool off.
    I am very artistic and always have been. I love to create with what ever i can get my hands on. I would always get in trouble at school drawing on all my assignments or half-assing the written part of the “write a story and draw a picture to go with it” projects.
    When I was in High school, my dream was to become a theatrical stage artist, or movie special effects artist. but life happens….. and I’m ok with that. because I love where I am now.

    This photo is a great representation of my life.


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