One thought on “08-20-83”

  1. This was the day I was born. It’s funny because I often have bandaids on my hands or fingers. I am clumsy. Always cutting myself or dropping things, running into walls, them sorta things. The skin on my hands often crack from being dry. Also, I feel as though this could possibly be a metaphor for my life. Putting a bandaid over the wounds of life and keep going about. That’s what I do…. Normally. As of late, I’ve been melancholy, I suffer from bipolar and depression, it’s been hitting hard the past couple of weeks. While drinking my coffee this morning, I figured I’d get on fb and look at some videos people have posted. I didn’t get very far before I seen the one on Jamie Livingston. What he did was absolutely amazing. I envy that. I wish I had the strive and courage to commit to such a thing. I feel lifted somehow seeing this site. I feel that I to can overcome, and in the end, if I cannot go on any longer and I can no longer overcome. My life just may have touched even just 1 person, then I have meaning. That’s the thing everyone wants. Meaning, to have meaning in another’s life. Thank you Jamie Livingston.


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