One thought on “09-02-83”

  1. You & Jamie Livingston
    On the day you were born,
    Somewhere in Brooklyn,
    A man took a polaroid picture of himself
    Staring into the mirror behind a reception desk.
    He didn’t smile.
    His eyes just looked straight ahead,
    And straight at you.
    He didn’t know your name.
    He didn’t know that that day, you were taking your first breath
    At Saint Vincent’s Hospital
    While he watched the ink dry on his polaroid picture.
    And you didn’t know him.
    But one day, many years after he had died and you had grown up,
    You would find him.
    On a site that hadn’t been invented yet on that day you were born.
    Through a phone that didn’t exist.
    Using an internet that almost nobody knew of.
    But here you are.
    Here you both are.
    Face to face.
    Two people who were never supposed to have met along their parallel lives.
    And perhaps…one day…after you yourself have gone,
    you both will meet again.
    What a strange, and beautiful synchronicity is life.


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