4 thoughts on “09-12-92”

  1. Beautiful picture clicked on my birthday 🙂

    (I saw a post about Hugh Crawford’s Polaroid pictures on Facebook and came here to check them myself. And following the trend I also looked up the picture clicked on mt birthday. 🙂
    Although I didn’t know Hugh Crawford but even then I feel connected to his beautifully mundane captures and I miss him.)

  2. Just following the trend of finding ones birthday. It’s very heartwarming to know that such a serene and beautiful moment was had and captured on that day almost 25 years ago.

  3. What’a a wonderful mark he left for us after his life <3
    It was the day when i was born too!
    And what do i see?After almost 25 years?
    What kind of photo has been taken that day?
    An amaizing photo of his wife and her boobies!! 😉
    Sorry guys,I'm a still young child and i hope that my soul will stay with me for the next 25 years.When one day i open this webstie I'd like to find that photo with my comment and make a smile 😉
    Stay awasome peeps and enjoy your life!it's too short for worries.


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