4 thoughts on “10-10-97”

  1. I was born on this day. My brother had named me Selina after the famous singer Selena. My dad mispelled my name though haha. #goodtimes

  2. I had just returned from a two week trip and was dressed for a job interview. I stopped at the local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. I paid and left. As I was walking out the door, my Dad, who I had not seen inside, followed me out and said, ” Come join us for coffee!” I didn’t hesitate a moment, as I didn’t want to be late for the interview, saying, “Sorry, I can’t. I’m on my way to an appointment.” That was the last time I saw my Dad “normal”. By 26 of October, he had suddenly passed. I wish I had sat with him and his friends. Regrets.

  3. I was born on this day too. It’s so sad to think he only have a few more moments to capture before he passed away, while I was just starting my life.


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