5 thoughts on “10-17-97”

  1. It’s amazing that whilst Hugh was going through this in his life, my mum had been rushed to have an emergency C- section to have me because I went into foetal distress and was also born flat so I also had to be revived. I find it so interesting to find out what else was happening the day I was born.

  2. I just recently found out about this website. and this is the exact day I was born. 10/17/97 I find what he did amazing and I wish he was alive today to see the way people have reacted in amazement to his photos.

  3. This day in 1997 my baby girl turned 4 years old and we had a big party for her the next day on Saturday. I love her so much she’s 23 now soon to be 24. She moved to Ky. last Aug. and I miss her so much I wish she’d move back.

  4. My dad, very drunk at the time, recently told me that I was concieved after a Rolling Stones concert, and if I was a boy he wanted to name me Mick after Mick Jagger. I was born in July 1998, so I did the math and googled Rolling Stones concerts October 1997, and the one near where I was born took place on October 17th. It’s so funny and sad to think that lives are created while others are deteriorating. It’s 5 am and I just learned Jamie’s story, and maybe it’s the time of night or head space I’m in, but it just feels so surreal to think about.


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