80 thoughts on “10-25-97”

  1. This man left behind in my opinion one of the greatest pieces of art I haven’t made it through all of them just significant dates his last year here and boy just looking at a handful has some how grasped my heart and mind, I wish I could see what you would’ve took pictures of today. RIP jamie, I feel as if you found a way to connect your soul to the world for all to see, feel and befriend all while being beyond our existence.

    1. He was born on 25 october 1956 and died on 25 october 1997. I was born on 25 october 1997, the day of his death :O

  2. This is how you need to live your life,like is the last day. This is how he lived his life. RIP…

  3. Rest in piece. I never knew you but these photos give us a glimpse of who you are and I thank you for this beautiful work of art.

  4. Am amazing story by an amazing man. He obviously loved NYC as does anyone who lives here. Sad he is gone, but at least he was spared seeing the city he loved, torn apart due to 9/11. He used the WTC in numerous photos. At least he passed knowing the true NYC was still standing.

  5. You are an amazing man you might not be alive today but in my heart you are i wish you could be here with us(And your amazing photography skills)

  6. I hope Jamie knew that his vision wasnt what he could see in the future, but what we looking at his photos could see in the past. His great life.

  7. Jamie you should me your life through these photos. They were simple, but powerful at the same time. You should all of us your history, and for that I thank you. RIP Jamie


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