152 thoughts on “10-25-97”

  1. I hope that u can find peace in ur sleep. I am amzd that Jamies life was touchd by so many people from so many diffrent countries. But true artist speaks to the souls of people by tru his work. today i will shead a tear for u my friend.

  2. What you did was truly beautiful and We may have never crossed paths but I felt connected to you through your photos. I hope you are still spreading creativity above. Rest peacefully friend.

  3. I was born on this exact day, exact year. These pictures are incredible and I have enjoyed looking at them all. Thank you for sharing💕

  4. I was celebrating my 30th Birthday the day you died. You’re photos have touched me. Rest In Peace

  5. As a photographer myself, all of these polaroids naturally astonished me. They’re raw and stunning. I’m even more bewildered now that I realize the photographer passed away the day before I was born in 1997. To Hugh and the creator of this website, thank you for sharing these photos with us. I hope to carry a part of your artistic spirit with me as I try to capture the world as you did.

  6. Life is strange… But it is interesting. The people we see, the family we love, the friends we hold dear, and the events that we share. We all remember. Life is like a photograph, we always remember the days that gave us joy, sorrow, comfort, and pain. And like a photograph, the memory gives us time to reminisce on those times. Enjoy every day that is given with every friend you see. Because we never know if that day will be our last.

  7. A beautiful journey shared without the need for words by an artisticly gifted and creative soul…Thankyou for sharing such wonderful photographs. Truly touched…and tearful that both Jamie and his decades on film reached thier untimely end. Leaving a life’s tale in images…..blown away! RIP JAMIE 📸🎞❤️

  8. I don’t remember the day Jamie died, but I remember the day I learned he had died. We were walking through the park behind the NY public library, and Tal was telling me about how Chris had taken a year off to be with Jamie, and I suddenly realized. Babette and the boys were there. I was so sad for all the Christmas cards I never wrote, the moped races we never had; the snide remarks and fancy hats. I’m so happy he left us this.

  9. Rest in Peace. Thank you for the photos of everyday living. So much emotions I am inspired by your craft. Thank you for sharing your life.

  10. I love the photos. Wish he had written on the bottom so I knew some of the locations they were taken.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve loved looking through these wonderful photos. Incredibly moving, honest every day snippets of another persons life. Thank you Jamie. RIP.

  12. Even If I have never meet Jamie, I feel that he was a wonderful artist and person!
    And I miss him even if I don’t really know them..

  13. I think one of my favorite things about polaroid pictures is that you can’t change them, regular digital photos can be altered and edited, but polaroids are raw and untouched, whatever you took is exactly how it will stay, so even if your friend was moving or your mom thinks she has a double chin, it doesn’t matter, because that is how the picture printed. It captures a beautiful unposed moment. It captures life. 💜

  14. Thank you for sharing a part of your life to everyone by your photographs. It touched so many people including me. ✨

  15. rest in peace dear Jamie… you had an amazing soul… thank you for this work… we dont know you but we missed you…

  16. It makes me so happy to see that his legacy has passed on, even 20 years later. Rest In Peace Jamie, hope your soul flies as high as the stars

  17. So I was born Dec 2th 1997 although you did not make it to my birthday you made it to my heart !!! It’s so crazy how connected I feel to your work you’re so inspiring and your soul will live on forever. Thanks for these amazing photos.

  18. I sought photos out throughout the years here and then saw every photo from January 1996 on. It was great to see so many photos with people who loved you. That warmed my heart. You can always tell a person by the friends he keeps and it was nice to see so many of the same faces along the way. Thanks to you, Jamie, and your friends for sharing. What an experience to have shared with people from all over the world. RIP, dude.

  19. Your work has really touched my heart. God bless, Jamie. Rest in peace and fly with the angels xoxo


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