4 thoughts on “11-04-87”

  1. A leather shoe and a sock, sometime at night… I like it. After watching a short video of Hugh’s work on Facebook, I immediately came to the site. This was the day I was born – I like this picture. As I was scrolling down, I accidentally clicked on the 6th – where there was a picture of a man holding a bottle of Jaquin’s Vodka, which is made in Philadelphia – where I’m from.

    It was a pleasure to stop by.

  2. I came here, like most , to see my “birthday picture”. He didn’t take one . On November 5th 1987. He didn’t take one. Is it normal to be a little devistated by this ? I can’t help but wonder what you were doing. You couldn’t possibly have known that a girl , you would never meet ,who would miss you , long after you were gone , would be making her debut into this world. Maybe you were nursing a Hangover . Maybe you ran out of film, and all of the stores were closed. Maybe it was Election Day .


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