3 thoughts on “11-22-87”

  1. My son Daniel was born on this day. He was my first and I was only 17. He is 29 now and has 4 younger sisters. That day was a life changer for me, and it was time I had to grow up as I was told I was always living “life in the fast lane.” With all my kids grown up I am taking up photography, a long dream of mine. Here’s to you Jaime 💕👍🏻

  2. This is also my birthday. I was told the time leading up to my birth through the years. My mom was 21 and had watched her alma mater win their first sectional championship ever in football the night before. Her father had left at 2 in the morning in icy conditions to go on a hunting trip 3 hours away with his buddies when she went into labor at 5 am. They arrived at their lodge to find out that I was on the way and they floored it back home and got there in 45 minutes. They then spent the rest of the day in the waiting room in their hunting gear and holding their rifles until I was born at almost 10 that night.


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